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Consultation on a new SA Cancer Plan

The South Australian Government has been developing a new SA Cancer Plan with input from the community. They have used this information to understand what is currently happening in cancer care in South Australia, and to shape future strategies which have informed the draft SA Cancer Plan.


Same day delivery of alcohol in Canberra

The ACT Government has proposed legislative measures to address the delivery of alcohol in a Discussion Paper released for public consultation in August 2023. However, there were also some significant gaps in the proposals that can allow the risk of harms from online sales and delivery of alcohol to continue to increase.


ACT Preventive Action Plan 2023-25

The ACT Government developed the ACT Preventive Action Plan 2023-25 with the aim of preventing chronic diseases by supporting people to choose lifestyle behaviours that reduce their risk of developing preventable diseases. FARE lodged a submission to the plan to ensure that the prevention of alcohol harms exacerbating in the ACT community would be included in the plan.


Tasmanian Drug Strategy 2023-2028

The Tasmanian Government has been developing a new Drug Strategy for 2023-2028 to enhance the health, safety, and wellbeing of all Tasmanians. FARE responded to the final Consultation Draft, and to the Consultation Paper.


Proposed Queensland regulatory framework for online liquor sale and delivery

Alcohol harm is exacerbated by the online sale and delivery of alcohol, which has vastly increased availability and accessibility. This is part of a broader trend towards digitisation of transactions and mobility of products in society. But alcohol is no ordinary product like groceries or books. It is a drug that requires controls on how it is sold and supplied so that communities are protected from potential harm.


Submission to the Government response to the Privacy Act Review Report

Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of using digital technologies to work, learn and play. This can happen when we have safe digital environments that enable people’s health and wellbeing. However, the
extensive collection, use and disclosure of people’s information is being used to fuel digital marketing practices that are harming our community.


ACT Drug Strategy Action Plan

The ACT Government has been updating its Drug Strategy Action Plan 2022-2026 to replace the now-concluded 2018-21 Drug Strategy Action Plan. The Action Plan outlines the ACT Government’s priorities to address harms from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs over the next four years.


Victorian Suicide Prevention and Response Strategy

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System recommended that the Victorian Government develop a suicide prevention and response strategy to better prevent and respond to suicide. The Mental Health and Wellbeing Division in the Victorian Department of Health provided a Discussion Paper for stakeholders to respond to.

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