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To help shape and inform the development of effective alcohol policy across the country, FARE makes submissions to a range of Commonwealth, State and Territory government inquiries. 

You can read our latest submissions below, or use the search bar to find submissions about a particular policy area.

Latest submissions

Proposed Queensland regulatory framework for online liquor sale and delivery

Alcohol harm is exacerbated by the online sale and delivery of alcohol, which has vastly increased availability and accessibility. This is part of a broader trend towards digitisation of transactions and mobility of products in society. But alcohol is no ordinary product like groceries or books. It is a drug that requires controls on how it is sold and supplied so that communities are protected from potential harm.

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Three year review of the NT Liquor Act

In 2023, the Northern Territory Government announced a review of the Liquor Act 2019 (the Act), to assess how the Act is meeting its objective of minimising alcohol harm. As part of the review, a Discussion Paper was published that outlined key issues and potential reforms.

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Exploring liquor licensing reform options in NSW

The NSW Government has been considering significant changes to its liquor licensing laws, which were proposed in a detailed Liquor Licensing Reform Options Discussion Paper for consultation. The Discussion Paper proposed some positive changes that could improve community engagement and access to licensing consultation.

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Sale of no- and low-alcohol products in 7-Eleven stores 

Many no and low alcohol products (sometimes referred to as zero alcohol products) are an extension of existing alcohol brand ranges. These products are becoming increasingly available in retail settings where alcohol is not allowed to be marketed or sold, such as convenience stores and supermarkets.

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FSANZ Colour of Pregnancy Warning Labels for Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) called for submissions on an application to permit pregnancy warning labels on corrugated cardboard cartons (CCCs) to be in a single colour on a contrasting background. The requirements of ‘Pregnancy warning labels on alcoholic beverages’ as incorporated into the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the code), cover the scope, application, size and colour requirements of the warning labels.

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ACT Drug Strategy Action Plan

The ACT Government has been updating its Drug Strategy Action Plan 2022-2026 to replace the now-concluded 2018-21 Drug Strategy Action Plan. The Action Plan outlines the ACT Government’s priorities to address harms from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs over the next four years.

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Victorian Suicide Prevention and Response Strategy

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System recommended that the Victorian Government develop a suicide prevention and response strategy to better prevent and respond to suicide. The Mental Health and Wellbeing Division in the Victorian Department of Health provided a Discussion Paper for stakeholders to respond to.

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Submission on the Privacy Act Review Discussion Paper

Australians are exposed to advertisements telling them to drink alcohol in a range of settings. Research consistently shows that exposure to advertising for alcoholic products is associated with initiation of alcohol use, and use of higher amounts of alcohol by young people.

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