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Health education

Through our projects, FARE ensures Australians have access to honest, accurate information to prevent and minimise alcohol harm in their lives and communities. We aim to engage people across the country in a conversation about the health benefits of reducing drinking.

Alcohol and cancer go together

Reduce Your Risk

Reduce Your Risk was a campaign informing people about the link between alcohol and cancer, as well as Australia’s new Alcohol Guidelines to reduce the health risks from drinking alcohol.

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Ripple was a project supporting women aged 40-65 in the ACT to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink.

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Women Want to Know

Women Want to Know was launched in response to research which indicated that many pregnant women weren’t receiving much information about alcohol consumption.

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Learn more about alcohol

The less alcohol you drink, the healthier you can be. Cutting back on alcohol can improve your mood and sleep, increase your energy and concentration, boost your immunity, save you money and reduce your risk of long-term health problems.

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