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Now more than ever, Australians deserve to have a say in the role that alcohol plays in their lives and communities. 

Every day, Australians around the country are putting incredible heart and energy into preventing alcohol harms in their communities.  

With your support, our team can work alongside grassroots advocates, health organisations, and government agencies to help create the change they want to see in our communities. 

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Share your experience with alcohol: we want to complement our research, policy and advocacy work on alcohol with stories from the community. 

Our aim is to use these stories, with your permission, to channel hope, urgency, and solidarity and build a narrative that cutting back can help you feel healthy and well. 

Are you or your organisation interested in this issue and happy to advocate for reform with decision-makers? Send an email to FARE’s Policy and Research Team at

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Chip in to help support this important work, and our other projects working towards an Australia free from alcohol harm.

Create your own fundraising activity or participate in a run or walk to raise money for FARE. You could raise money by giving up alcohol for a month or even a year as some of FARE’s supporters have done. You can set up your own activity easily through MyCause, or create a Facebook Fundraiser.