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To help shape and inform the development of effective alcohol policy across the country, FARE makes submissions to a range of Commonwealth, State and Territory government inquiries. 

You can read our latest submissions below, or use the search bar to find submissions about a particular policy area.

Latest submissions

Submission on the Privacy Act Review Discussion Paper

Australians are exposed to advertisements telling them to drink alcohol in a range of settings. Research consistently shows that exposure to advertising for alcoholic products is associated with initiation of alcohol use, and use of higher amounts of alcohol by young people.

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Submission on Privacy Legislation Amendment Bill

Every day, millions of people across Australia, including children who are spending an average of over 14 hours online each week, are exposed to relentless advertising which targets their specific vulnerabilities, emotions and attributes.

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Submission to the SA Review of Codes of Practice

This submission was prepared by FARE in response to the South Australia (SA) Review of the the General Code of Practice and Late Night Trading Code of Practice under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997. The document provides 12 recommendations for strengthening the Codes to ensure that they are an effective regulatory tool in reducing the harm caused by alcohol.

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2015-16 Pre-budget submission

This pre-budget submission for was prepared for Treasury ahead of the 2015-16 Australian Government budget. It outlines areas where immediate action can be taken to achieve budget savings and increase revenue (by replacing the Wine Equalisation Tax with a volumetric tax, and abolishing the Wine Equalisation Tax rebate), as well as areas where a modest investment (in prevention, intervention, and support services) can result in significant benefits to the community.

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Submission to the Competition Policy Review draft report

This submission was prepared by FARE in response to the Draft Report of the Competition Policy Review, which will potentially result in the further liberalisation of the sale of alcohol in Australia. FARE addresses the application of the Competition Policy and makes five key recommendations to the Review Panel about alcohol policy in Australia.

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Submission to the NSW expert panel on political donations

This submission was prepared for the New South Wales (NSW) Government’s Expert panel on political donations and provides information on the significant influence that the alcohol industry has in alcohol policy development and four recommendations for prioritising public health ahead of alcohol industry profits.

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Submission to the Review of Liquor Licensing Act 1990 (Tasmania) Proposals Paper

FARE’s submission to the Review of the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 – Proposals Paper, supplements the views previously outlined in its December 2013 submission to the Discussion Paper of the same name. FARE has put forth a total of 46 recommendations for the State to strengthen or reconsider some of its proposals, emphasising the need for Tasmania’s liquor licensing decisions to be made in the context of minimising alcohol harms.

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Submission to the Competition Policy Review

The National Alliance for Action on Alcohol (NAAA) submission to the Competition Policy Review, and complimentary letter of support from FARE, note that alcohol is no ordinary commodity and urges the review to ensure that there is no further relaxation of the current controls that limit the sale, supply and consumption of alcohol.

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