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Building evidence to stop harm from online alcohol marketing 


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We spend a lot of time online to work, study, and stay connected. 

That’s why it is important our time online is not punctured with endless exposure to products that are harmful to our overall health and wellbeing. When digital marketing is out of control, we need to set checks and balances for tech and alcohol companies that will help create safe online spaces for our families and communities. 

At FARE, we believe evidence-based research should inform public policy, community advocacy and health promotion activities. 

That’s why we are closely working with universities and public health organisations across the country to gather the evidence to guide our work around online marketing reform. This evidence will help us build research, policy positions, and advocacy projects to better address the impact of harmful digital marketing practices on our communities. 

We believe evidence-based research should inform our public policy, community advocacy, and health promotion. 

So, what are we focusing on right now? 

For about two years, we have been working closely with VicHealth to address the digital marketing of unhealthy and harmful products like alcohol, gambling, and unhealthy food. The project comprises a program of advocacy, policy, and research work to develop a better understanding of harmful online marketing practices and identify solutions. 

 We have also joined University of Queensland to undertake a three-year project to examine how young people are targeted with alcohol advertisements on social media. The study is using novel computational and machine learning methods to collect and analyse harmful alcohol marketing from more than 480 alcohol pages on social media.  

We are also a partner in a project led by the Global Obesity Centre and the Institute for Health Transformation to develop a snapshot of how much young people are exposed to the digital marketing of harmful products in Australia. 

We believe that building this strong evidence foundation is instrumental in creating long-lasting change. 

We all have the right to use digital technology safely. 

But when alcohol companies are left to target millions of people across Australia, including children, with relentless alcohol marketing online, we must do something. 

That’s why we want all Australians, including you, to join us as we strive towards an Australia free from alcohol harm.

The more people who support our work, the better. Will you join us on this journey as we work toward ensuring our families and communities are kept safe from harmful digital marketing practices by alcohol companies? Click here to learn more and add your name to join our growing community.  

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