Tax Appeal: Will you help Aussie children suffering from life-long disability?

“I’m quite horrified when I hear about the number of people who drink during pregnancy. But the reasons are primarily because they are not being given the right message.”


Anne Russell had never held a child before her first son Michael was born, but right away she knew that something was wrong.

Michael was tiny, he was difficult to feed, and he cried all the time. Anne knew he was suffering and she felt helpless.

Anne’s worries worsened when her second son Seth was born with similar problems to Michael, only amplified.

As Seth grew up he was prone to violent episodes making it hard for him to make friends. He was unable to cope at school, dropping out at age 14, but then he struggled to hold down a job due to his erratic beahviour. Seth’s struggles, mixed with his emotional swings led him to attempt to take his own life at just 15 years old.

Thankfully Seth is alive today.

Anne would learn that both Seth and Michael had what’s called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a lifelong disability resulting from alcohol damage to the developing brain, causing learning and behavioural problems along with a variety of health issues.

Anne describes challenges of what it was like dealing with FASD.

“What disability results in sufferers being good at small talk but with no substance to their observations? Then add a kind heart but a violent temper, complex needs but no insight, a small frame with big expectations, and perhaps worst of all, a damaged mind but a beautiful face.”


A silent tragedy

Every day in this country there are far too many babies born suffering from alcohol harm.

We know that drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy – even just very small amounts – can damage the developing baby for life.

For too long, Big Alcohol has been fighting tooth and nail to hide the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy from Australians just so they can make more profits.

We desperately need get the right message out to more people about the harm alcohol can do to an unborn child.

Thanks to generous people like you, we’ve been able to make some progress.

We’ve started the Pregnant Pause campaign make sure women get the support they need during pregnancy. The Women Want to Know campaign teaches doctors the best way to approach the subject with mums-to-be.

Also, together we were able to build enough pressure on the politicians that they finally agreed all alcohol products should have pregnancy warning labels.

But this fight is far from over and the alcohol industry is not letting this go easily.

Your support today is critical in making sure the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy is heard loud and clear and will save more children from being born with a lifelong disability.

Thank you.

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