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Did you know that you can leave a gift to FARE in your Will, to support our work to build an Australia that is free from alcohol harms?  

Leaving a gift to FARE is a meaningful way to honour your commitment to preventing alcohol harm in our communities. Your legacy will live through the vital work we do to transform alcohol policies, raise the voices of people with lived experiences and drive reform to protect Australians from alcohol harm. Together, we can create change for a healthier and safer Australia.

Many people choose to use their Will as an opportunity to contribute to causes they are passionate about. 

That’s why we have partnered with Gathered Here, a platform that allows you to write your Will online for free and to leave a gift to a charity as part of it.

How to write your Will for free with Gathered Here

Through Gathered Here, you can write your Will online, for free, and include a gift to FARE. The process is all completed online, and Gathered Here has all the information including guides and resources on their website. 

Why leave a gift to FARE?

FARE has a vision for an Australia free from alcohol harm – where families are safe, healthy and well, and where communities have a say in the role that alcohol plays in their lives. 

But sadly right now: 

  • every 90 minutes an Australian dies from alcohol-caused disease or illness
  • every three-and-a-half minutes someone is hospitalised because of alcohol, and
  • one in 10 Australians who drink alcohol meet the criteria for an alcohol use disorder

Together, we have an opportunity to turn this around. 

Watch this video to hear from FARE CEO, Caterina Giorgi, about how we can create lasting change in our community.  

Include a gift to FARE in your soliciter drafted Will

If you already have a solicitor drafted will and would like to update this to include a gift for FARE, it’s important to use the correct language. This pro forma text can be a useful guide:

“I give to the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, ABN 91 096 854 385,

  • The residue of my estate (or __% of the residue of my estate) or
  • The whole of my estate (or __% of my estate)
  • The sum of $___
  • Asset or assets

for which the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be an absolute discharge.”

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