A love of sport – either as a spectator or a participant – is burnt into the Australian DNA.

As is the way we value friends, family, and the connection of coming together to cheer each other on and share in the weight of our defeats. Every Aussie’s sense of fair play, underlining that we are all in this together.

Think about your quintessential true blue Aussie: Summer is a time when backyards and beaches around Australia transform into the MCG – or maybe for you and your family, it’s the ANZ stadium and a game of touch footy; boundary lines and stumps are marked by sticks, sunscreen, and eskies.

This is the heart of what sport should be: a healthy and fun activity that brings people together with a shared sense of identity and purpose.

Sadly, this has been increasingly overshadowed by alcohol promotion and sponsorship.

Alcohol brands are in constant view of the public both at the ground and on TV – through the naming rights of events, sporting fields and teams, branding on fences, the pitch, and on uniforms and promotional merchandise.

Imagine if professional sport in Australia was to align with sponsors that share our common values and promote positive and healthy behaviours to our kids, instead of relying on sponsorship dollars from an industry that is grooming young drinkers through alcohol industry advertising just like the tobacco industry did.

Change is possible!

FARE has long advocated for an end to alcohol sponsorship in sport but we need your help to get there.

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