Have you, or your friends and family ever been forced to consider moving away from your supportive and loving community?

The residents of Casula, a Sydney suburb in the City of Liverpool have; all because of a planned development that would have an immediate and detrimental impact on their families lives, and threaten their safety and wellbeing.

Criss Moore, a resident of Casula had no idea about the pub planned for construction only metres from her front door.

There was an application to construct a three-story, 24/7 pokie and pub palace on the site of the old Motor Inn. And all within walking distance to the aged care centre, primary schools, women’s refuge and child care centres.

“The concerns of the whole community were that there would be significant crime. There would be increased domestic violence, family breakdowns and children would be put at risk. The community was absolutely terrified.”

Throughout the three-year campaign FARE stood beside the Casula community, met out-of-pocket legal expenses, and publicised the case in the media.

The Casula community, eventually had their day in court – a hearing at the Land and Environment Court  – to have their voices heard and their objections expressed.

And I am delighted to share with you that Casula finally won their case.

The hard  truth is that the financial and personal cost of such cases is very high. But you can help.

Your donation allows FARE to support communities like Casula.

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