Health promotion campaigns

End Alcohol Advertising in Sport

The End Alcohol Advertising in Sport campaign calls for alcohol advertising to be phased out of professional sports. This is an initiative by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, supported by health organisations across Australia.

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Pregnant Pause

The campaign encourages Australians to go alcohol free during their pregnancy, or the pregnancy of their partner, family member, friend or loved one.

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Women Want to Know

Women Want to Know was officially launched by FARE on 1 July 2014 in response to research which indicated that many pregnant women weren’t receiving much information, or were hearing conflicted messages, about alcohol consumption.

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FARE in the news

'Alcohol can cause lifelong harm to your baby': Regulator approves new warning label

Australian drinkers will be warned "alcohol can cause lifelong harm to your baby" under a new mandatory labelling scheme approved by the regulator, unless state and federal ministers veto the plan.

Why older women don't think the alcohol guidelines apply to them

Older women are drinking at risky levels and don’t feel the alcohol guidelines apply to them, a new study reveals. Previous research has found "risky drinking" among older Australian adults is on the rise. The new study set out to explore why.

Australia's biggest liquor chain can't set up a store in our drunkest capital city. Here's why

For four years, Dan Murphy's has been fighting to open its first superstore in the nation's most inebriated city. The liquor giant's bid has been knocked back twice by licensing bodies and 17 different objectors have come forward to fight against it.

New Year's Eve a peak time for alcohol-related incidents

Billions of people around the world are preparing to bid farewell to 2019 and raise a glass to a new year - and a new decade. While the turn of the year is a time for celebration, experts have urged revellers to be sensible about their alcohol consumption.

FARE weekly newsletter

FARE weekly newsletter 14 February 2020

It was an exciting day today with the FARE Board announcing the appointment of Caterina Giorgi as new Chief Executive Officer.