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Statement on the Voice to Parliament

FARE strongly supports a Yes vote in the upcoming referendum on the Voice to Parliament on 14 October. 

Listening to communities who are affected by alcohol harm has always been a key part of the way that we approach our work. From these experiences we know that when we genuinely engage, we can better understand what matters, what works and how we can achieve change.  

The evidence also supports this approach, showing that community-led initiatives are more likely to be effective in preventing alcohol harm and improving health and social outcomes. 

When Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples shape policies and programs for their communities, health outcomes are better.  

This is an opportunity to recognise and respect more than 65,000 years of culture formally in the Australian Constitution, and to commit to listening to what matters for communities. 

It’s now time for a bigger collective step forward, to work towards a fairer and more-equitable Australia.  

For more information, visit Yes23.

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