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Victorian election poll: Perspectives on alcohol



Galaxy Research


The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) commissioned Galaxy Research to carry out polling of Victorians to gain their perspectives on alcohol and actions that could be taken by the Victorian party leaders to address alcohol-related harms. This study was conducted online among members of a permission-based panel. The sample selected from the panel members had quotas applied to ensure that it reflected the current population statistics.


Key findings:

  • The majority of Victorians believe that the current Victorian Government should be doing more to reduce alcohol-related street violence (77%), alcohol-related family and domestic violence (76%), risky alcohol consumption among young people under 18 (73%) and Emergency Department hospital presentations from alcohol (67%).
  • More than half (57%) of Victorians believe that none of the major political parties would be best at reducing alcohol-related harms or are unsure, 17% believe that the Liberal and National Coalition would be best, 16% believe the Labor Party would be best and 10% believe that the Greens would be best.
  • Three-quarters (75%) of Victorians would like the party leaders, Denis Napthine and Daniel Andrews, to outline their party’s plan to address alcohol-related harms prior to the next state election.
  • Twice as many Victorians (44%) believed that political parties are influenced by the alcohol industry in their approaches to alcohol policy than those who do not (20%).
  • Over one-third (35%) of Victorians consider alcohol-related harms a greater concern than illicit drugs, compared to 44% who do not consider alcohol-related harms a greater concern than illicit drugs, and 20% who are unsure.
Recent research papers

FARE continues to fund and undertake research that contributes to the knowledge-base about alcohol harms and strategies to reduce them.

This research is used to inform our approach to evidence-based alcohol policy development, ensuring that the solutions we are advocating for are informed by research. FARE’s research is also often quoted by governments, other not-for-profit organisations and researchers in public discussions about alcohol, demonstrating that FARE is seen as a leading source of information.

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