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Welcome to the FARE community!

We are glad you have joined us on this journey towards an Australia free from alcohol harm.

To realise this vision, FARE works with communities, decision-makers, and people with lived experience across the country to create change.

Our FARE community want to see decision-makers implement policies and programs that put the health and well-being of Australians first. So together we engage in advocacy that elevates the voices of people with lived experience and values-aligned organisations to be heard by decision-makers.

We also believe Australians should have honest and accurate information about alcohol and its potential harms in their lives and communities. So together our community helps share important information about alcohol harms and promote FARE’s health programs to engage Australians about the health and wellbeing benefits of reducing drinking.

What happens next?

Once a fortnight, through our newsletter, you can expect to hear from us about important work happening across alcohol policy, advocacy, and health promotion, including upcoming events, new resources, videos, publications and more.

You can also expect to receive occasional longer-form emails about our advocacy work, where we might ask you to sign petitions or share content on social media to help achieve important reforms that will keep our communities healthy and safe.

You may also receive emails regarding health promotion programs that we launch together, inviting you to participate and/or share with your friends and families.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact us at info@fare.org.au.

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