Invisible influences on your drinking

There are many external factors that impact on how and why people drink alcohol. 

The majority of Australians believe that we drink excessively, and yet alcohol is promoted widely in our country 

Alcohol is readily available and marketed heavily, including in ways that target women. Alcohol companies spend large sums developingpackaging, and advertising alcohol products targeting women, with the aim of making women drink more alcohol.  

Partners and friends also influence when, where, and how much you drink. 

If you have a partner who drinks, you will probably drink more frequently and in larger amounts than people who have a partner who does not drink. Many women say that the person they most commonly drink with is their ‘significant other’. 

Catching up with friends also often involves alcohol or an assumption that you will drink at these social eventsGlasses of alcohol may be offered or topped up without asking whether you want it. 

Rituals and routines around socialising with friends and loved ones are a strong influence on how people drink. Being mindful of these influences can help you to cut back and experience the benefits of less alcohol. 

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