At FARE we know that we have a responsibility to help everyday Australians deal with alcohol, empowering communities to start these difficult conversations and to address the issues that affect them.

We strive to make Australia a safer, healthier and happier place by supporting community-led sustainable programs. To do this, we work with community leaders and local not-for-profit organisations to create lasting and meaningful change. At the local level we support individuals and communities by providing resources to respond to alcohol harms.

For over ten years FARE has supported hundreds of community-driven projects that have made a real difference to the lives of Australian families. The Foundation’s National Grants Program has provided funding to a wide range of initiatives, from grass-roots community education and engagement campaigns in the Kimberley region, to multimedia campaigns aimed at tackling youth binge drinking. The Foundation also supports professional development in the area of preventative health by funding scholarships and tertiary studies, as well as providing financial support to alcohol and other drug workers around the country to attend national conferences, workshops, and seminars.