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“I talk to the other mob, I tell them: ‘Grog – that’s not our culture'”


Content warning: This story discusses alcohol use, suicide, violence and other sensitive issues.

Tiwi Elder Eymard Tungatalum loves spending his days painting at Darwin’s Mindil Beach Market, chatting to passersby.  

He tells stories to his community of being football captain and sending his paintings across the world to London and the United States. 

For Eymard, sharing his experience of alcohol in his early twenties and helping others to understand the health effects and seek support, is equally important. 

Eymard started drinking alcohol at 19, he’d watched his father drink, but didn’t yet know the harm the product could cause. 

As he reached a crisis point, Eymard started to learn how alcohol was affecting this health and sought support, which led him to cut it out entirely. 

Watch Eymard’s story:

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