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Alcohol’s role in family violence overlooked at National Cabinet meeting


The outcomes of today’s National Cabinet meeting did not include any commitments that address the role alcohol plays in fueling men’s violence against women and children.

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) CEO Caterina Giorgi said the deafening silence from Australia’s leaders today on this issue is a devastating blow.

“I’m incredibly disappointed that action on alcohol was not included as an outcome of the National Cabinet meeting today.

“We can no longer ignore the role that alcohol plays in increasing the risk and severity of violence against women and children.”

Kym Valentine, an experienced television/theatre actor and Survivor Advocate, said that once again alcohol has been ignored, and the winners are alcohol companies.

“I want our Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers to know that their lack of action on better regulating alcohol is contributing to women and children’s experiences of violence.

“I know firsthand what it’s like to listen in terror as an alcohol delivery van pulls into your driveway, and you need to hide with your kids to keep them safe.

“Our political leaders need to stand up to the alcohol companies that are profiting off our pain, and implement regulation and policies that they know will work to stop this harm.

“A fire cannot be started by kerosene alone, it needs a match. But when fuel is added, it burns more intensely. The same is true of the link between domestic violence and alcohol.”

Australian research shows that between 23% and 65% of police reported family violence incidents involve alcohol.

“States and territories can act on this now. They can update their liquor laws to prioritise keeping women and children safe. They can introduce common sense measures on online sale and delivery.

“We will continue to call on governments to ensure that women and children who have shared their experience of alcohol as a driver of violence are heard,” Ms Giorgi said.

The open letter to members of National Cabinet signed by dozens of community leaders and advocates can be found here.

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