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“I’m not going to go back to drinking… that’s the best decision for my health”


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Throughout her early adulthood, Kathryn was a binge drinker – so much so, she says, that it felt like part of her identity. Later, as a mum of three sons, a ‘morning after’ moment on a family holiday led her to decide to take a break from alcohol. 

It was soon after this that Kathryn received the shocking news that she had breast cancer. 

Kathryn started researching information on her diagnosis. Only then did she learn about the direct links between alcohol consumption and breast cancer. 

For Kathryn, it was empowering to understand these connections. Giving up alcohol for her health and wellbeing has helped her find a deeper connection with the person she wants to be. 

Now Kathryn is not just a passionate breast cancer advocate, she’s also living an alcohol-free life and supporting others to achieve their goals.

Watch Kathryn’s powerful and heartfelt story on how she gave up alcohol for the sake of her own health and the wellbeing of her family. 

Hear Kathryn’s experience of heavy drinking, and what led to her questioning how alcohol was affecting her health and life generally.

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