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Same day delivery of alcohol in Canberra

The ACT Government has proposed legislative measures to address the delivery of alcohol in a Discussion Paper released for public consultation in August 2023. However, there were also some significant gaps in the proposals that can allow the risk of harms from online sales and delivery of alcohol to continue to increase.


Proposed Queensland regulatory framework for online liquor sale and delivery

Alcohol harm is exacerbated by the online sale and delivery of alcohol, which has vastly increased availability and accessibility. This is part of a broader trend towards digitisation of transactions and mobility of products in society. But alcohol is no ordinary product like groceries or books. It is a drug that requires controls on how it is sold and supplied so that communities are protected from potential harm.


Online and delivered alcohol during COVID-19

This report provides an analysis of the website traffic of online alcohol retailers from 2018 to 2020 to observe changes in website traffic. This report also examines whether any controls are in place to prevent alcohol being sold to children online.