NAAPA Election platform: Not one more


NSW/ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA)


The NSW/ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA)’s NSW Election Platform lays out a clear roadmap to prevent and to reduce alcohol harms across NSW.

Each day in NSW alcohol is responsible for 66 assaults, 27 of which are domestic assaults, 28 emergency department presentations, 142 hospitalisations and three deaths. Not one more. As we head into summer and brace for the unwelcome, but expected increase in alcohol harms, the upcoming New South Wales (NSW) State Election in March provides the people of NSW with an opportunity to ensure that their next Government continues to work towards a comprehensive plan that addresses alcohol harms.


Through NAAPA, emergency workers, health professionals, community members, community sector workers, researchers and advocates have come together to present a comprehensive plan that addresses alcohol harms. The plan is outlined under five key priority areas:

  1. Protecting children and families
  2. Putting communities first
  3. Reducing disability and disease
  4. Preventing street violence
  5. Building a robust alcohol harm prevention framework

FARE continues to fund and undertake research that contributes to the knowledge-base about alcohol harms and strategies to reduce them.

This research is used to inform our approach to evidence-based alcohol policy development, ensuring that the solutions we are advocating for are informed by research. FARE’s research is also often quoted by governments, other not-for-profit organisations and researchers in public discussions about alcohol, demonstrating that FARE is seen as a leading source of information.

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