Scott’s diary – Week 5

Hi, Scott again, signing in for week 5 of the TOM challenge.

I’m in a pretty buoyant mood this week! Work suddenly got really busy, I’m at a new work site helping out another foreman. I’m really liking the change of scene. Staying busy keeps me away from temptation too!

Maybe because I’m helping another guy out, it’s a little bit less stressful. And thanks to TOM, I know that drinking to relieve stress has been a habit of mine. But I’m finding I’m doing that less and less anyway. I know when I’m stressed now, and I’m more conscious of how I react to it.

So it’s been a great, productive week. I’m still logging all my drinks via Drinks Meter. I’ve had alcohol free nights every evening this week. And that’s led me to another realisation – it’s so much easier to get up when you’ve had no alcoholic drinks the night before. I’d thought a couple of beers or glasses of wine wouldn’t make any difference to the next morning – but they really do. It’s just so much easier to hit snooze when you’ve had a drink or two the night before.

When I don’t have anything to drink the night before, I might not be bounding out of bed, but it’s so much easier to get up. What I’ve found with drinking less, and not drinking through the week at all, is that I’ve got a lot more energy, and I’ve picked up exercise and training habits that I used to do regularly. I’ve gone back to doing exercise in the mornings before work. And that really, really helps me with stress as well.

That’s what’s been the eye opener for me through this whole process – it makes you aware of habits that you weren’t really aware of. I’m grateful that I can recognise those habits now, and that I’m not ignoring them.

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