Scott’s diary – Week 4

Hey, it’s Scott, checking in for week four of TOM.

This week’s been really good. With it being a long weekend, I half expected at least the opportunities to drink to increase. Just with things being a bit more social and having more time off. As it turned out, I wasn’t tempted that much more.

Friday was normal – three beers after work. For me, Friday arvo is generally the time when I normally have a drink. That’s usually related to finishing work for the week, having a couple of beers and a bit of a catch up.

But on Saturday I didn’t end up drinking at all. On Sunday we had one drink at home, and on Monday I didn’t drink – just like a normal Monday.

So for the whole of the long weekend I didn’t end up drinking any more alcohol at all.

The thing I keep coming back to when I’m thinking about how I’m managing to drink less is that I’m just more aware of when I drink and how much.

What it’s really made me aware of is the times when I’m likely to drink and it’s generally when I’m a bit anxious. It was a big surprise – I didn’t think I did that as a habit. But I’ve really noticed it since I’ve been doing TOM. I drink just to feel better. And it had become a bit of a crutch, to be honest.

With TOM making me more aware of that, it’s been much easier to say no when the time comes. When I’m presented with a situation where I could have a drink, I think ‘wait a minute, do I actually need one?’ It made me stop and ask the question. And generally the answer is no!

That’s the lesson I’ve learned – the level of awareness is what’s making me automatically pause and go, ‘Oh, maybe I could do without this beer and have another one’.

If I do pass up the opportunity to drink sometimes, then when I do have a drink, it’s not a big deal.

It doesn’t mean that I can’t ever drink, it’s just that I’m thinking about it more before I do, and it’s that much easier to say no. That’s what happened this long weekend in particular, and it meant that I haven’t gone into it blindly as I would have been past.

This week coming up – the fact that the weather has gone to daylight saving, means I might feel like having a couple of beers in the sun after work – moving forward, that’ll be the continuing challenge. Going into summer, things might start getting a bit more social if Covid keeps improving.

Once I get into those social situations again, I’m wondering if I’m going to slip back into old habits.

Stress wise, we’ve come through a really busy period at work, and I’m between projects. So I’m not anticipating much time pressure for the next couple of weeks, so work won’t be a contributing factor to any stress.

But with the increased awareness I’ve got through TOM, I should be able to at least pause for that split second before I automatically have a drink, and so far I’ve been making the better choice.

I’m still using the Drinks Meter app and it’s very handy actually. One thing that’s shocking is the amount of dead calories I’ve been consuming, The calories in those craft pale ales I like are quite huge!

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