Scott’s diary – Week 1

I’ve been using Drinks Meter App as part of TOM and have found it very easy to use and very informative. It’s pretty interesting to see what I’m drinking laid out clearly.

Having the calorie count is very useful too, I had no I idea I was consuming so many ‘dead’ calories from alcohol on a weekly basis. I think tracking the drinks on the app is going to be a crucial tool in monitoring how much alcohol I consume.

With my work being very busy at the moment, it was very tempting to reach for a beer earlier in the week. I managed to avoid it and, as a result, I think I felt more energised as it got to Friday. Busy week ahead and with the weather warming up, it may become more tempting to drink in the afternoon after work. I will be trying to focus on not drinking at all from Monday to Thursday and not going overboard on the weekend.

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