Men aren’t alone in reducing drinking for health

I know a lot of guys are looking to have a healthier life, so if you are interested in reducing your drinking — know you can do it and there is a better life on the other side of it.

Want to give it a crack? There’s also support available to help you make this change.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) has launched a new campaign called TOM, supported by ACT Health, that shares tips, tricks and tools that can support you in your journey.

TOM stands for a third of men, because that’s how many Canberra men indicated in a recent survey that they’re keen to cut down on their drinking. If you’re thinking about reducing your drinking right now, you’re not alone – there is a community out there thinking of taking the same steps as you.

TOM is a great way to help lots of men achieve the goals they want to achieve, wherever they are. That’s why I’m proud to be an Ambassador for the campaign.

This is an incredibly important issue. So many men are identifying they want to cut back on booze but aren’t sure where to start looking for support and information. That’s where TOM can help. TOM is an online campaign that provides a range of resources and tools to support people to cut back on their drinking.

So why cut back? The first benefit for men is to our own wellbeing. We know a lot of men really value their health but aren’t so good at looking after it – whether that be through eating, through exercise, or through drinking.

We also know that heavy drinking has a huge impact on those around us.  So, we need to look after ourselves but also those we love. To do this and to get the most out of life it’s important for us to manage our drinking.

We know there’s a huge amount of things men want to do that their drinking could get in the way of – whether that be spending more time with their loved ones, waking up more easily in the morning and enjoying the spring and summer months that are to come or experiencing the huge health benefits that go with reduced drinking.

TOM is not alone — there are lots of people, a third of men, who are looking to reduce their drinking. You’re not alone, even among your friends, whether you talk about it or not.

If you want to start making a change know there are tools that can help you start and navigate this journey, including two apps TOM recommends in Daybreak by Hello Sunday Morning and Drinksmeter.

Sometimes if we have been drinking for a little while and got stuck in a pattern change can seem tough, but it’s the first step that’s most important — and from there we’ve got great resources on the TOM campaign website that can help you join the other men who are on this journey.

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