Chris’ diary – Week 6

So, this week was my first time taking annual leave since before Covid hit Australia, and I was exhausted – mentally in particular. Work has been crazy for months and I really needed some time away. It’s a different kind of busy at home with the three kids, and now our 15-month-old twin boys have started walking, causing even more chaos!

On Wednesday we had the memorial service for my ‘Aunty’ Kate. It was very moving, and many fitting tributes were given which was nice.

The following day my wife, myself and the kids headed to the south coast of NSW for a few days with some friends. They don’t have kids, so the fridge was stocked like I would have done when I was younger – lots of alcohol, haha! The girls all got quite merry, but I just had one beer on the first night and two on the second.

After I shared my first video post online, a former teammate contacted me about the program after I shared my first video post. He really wants to reduce his alcohol intake but has felt like he doesn’t have the tools to help him break the cycle. As someone who works in a trade and from a rural town, I think the cultural expectations are much higher to drink more regularly, and in large volumes.

I was really stoked with the support I got sharing my video. It was far more than I was expecting, and then to have a mate contact me saying he wants to reduce his alcohol intake was really positive.

I told him about the Drinks Meter app I have been using and suggested it could be a start. I also said to him that it was really important that TOM is not about making you feel guilty for having a drink!

I’ll share a final video in a couple of weeks, wrapping up how I felt about the whole TOM experience. In the meantime, we have our hockey semi-final. Depending on the result, there will be some celebratory/commiserate-y drinks afterwards. Let’s see how I go!

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