Chris’ diary – Week 4

G’day everyone, Chris checking in for Week 4.

I had quite a few events on this week. A midweek hockey match, the Canberra Raiders qualifying final, and my brother-in-law’s birthday gathering.

I was keen on just having one drink at the Raiders match and the hockey game, as the last couple of weeks I have had more than I usually would.

But a teammate bought a drink for everyone unprompted after we won our hockey game, and at the Raiders, after I bought my single drink, I was handed two more over the course of the match.

The social pressure or expectation that everyone wants to have a drink without being asked is pretty strong in my social circles. It is of course very generous of those buying the drinks – so don’t think that I am ungrateful!

Looking at the week ahead, it is a standard hockey season week. Training on Tuesday and Thursday and our match on Saturday. 

If my mates decide to watch the Raiders together, there will no doubt be a couple of beers on the horizon. I am eager to have no more than two drinks this entire week so I will offer to be the designated driver to watch the game.

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