Chris’ diary – Week 3

Hey there guys, it’s Chris here, checking in for week three of TOM.

No drinks Monday through Thursday. Friday was my 5th wedding anniversary so I went out with my wife for a few hours away from the kids. So I did have a few drinks that night. Saturday we won our hockey game and secured our place in the finals so the team hung out after the game and had a drink. I kept it at two drinks, even though I was offered more.

I actually ended up telling a few mates from the hockey team about TOM. They were really supportive and interested in it, and there wasn’t any pressure to have more drinks than I’d decided to.

So getting into the third week, I’m feeling more comfortable about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, so when I’ve been offered drinks I’m more comfortable about turning them down. It’s not been an issue, and I’ve got such a good family and group of friends, it’s probably something I could have done earlier.

One thing I think is important about the TOM is that you can still enjoy a couple of drinks without feeling guilty. I didn’t feel bad having a second drink on Friday night – having two drinks is perfectly acceptable for our wedding anniversary!

Plans for this week – a couple of midweek hockey games and then on Saturday night I’ve got tickets to the Raiders semi final against the Sharks. I’ll have a couple of drinks there, but nothing else is on my radar. So we’ll see how I go, and up the Green Machine!

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