Chris’ diary – Week 2

G’day everyone, Chris here checking in for Week 2 of TOM.

So this week a little bit more back to normal compared to Week 1. No drinks during the work week, despite playing a hockey match – I left straight after even though I was invited to the bar.

At the weekend was the Super Rugby AU final, and as a huge Brumbies fan I went to the match and got a lift in. So I had three cans of Canadian Club during the match. Once I would have had a lot more than three, and drinks in the lead up to the game as well.

Being a parent has curtailed the amount of nights out I have, and how much I have on those nights. Even the rare occasion like last night where I would be keen on having more than three or four drinks, I do not want to be feeling dusty looking after the kids in the morning. It is not fair on them or my wife.

Looking forward to the week ahead, it’s my 5th wedding anniversary. I think Kim and I are going to leave the kids with the in-laws for a few hours on Friday night and have dinner and a movie night. I imagine we will have one or two drinks to celebrate five years of chaos!

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