Chris’ diary – Week 1

I downloaded the Drinks Meter app and logging what I’ve drunk every day. It’s been eye opening – I’d drunk more than I would have guessed previously if I hadn’t been recording it.

This week’s been a busy one – hockey training during the week, and we had the family round for my daughter’s birthday on Friday. Then Saturday was our hockey club day for the season. There was a bit of pressure to have something to drink with some of the other teams, who are quite hard partiers!

It was a frantic week at work, pretty stressful, and a couple of days I really felt like having a drink at the end of the day. That’s quite unusual for me, so it was a bit of an eye opener and it made me feel a bit uneasy. I was conscious of the fact that I was doing TOM, so that made me not do it, which I think was a good thing.

Looking at the week ahead, I’ll be filling in for the party team of our hockey club, so I’m anticipating a bit of expectation that I’ll have a drink after that. So I need to prepare for that. Check in next week!

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