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Alcohol harm in Australia is significant. Nearly 6,000 lives are lost every year and more than 144,000 people are hospitalised making alcohol one of our nation’s greatest preventative health challenges.

The devastation doesn’t stop there; the high personal and financial toll extends well beyond the individual drinker.

Each year nearly 400 people die, and 70,000 Australians are victims of alcohol-related assaults, including 24,000 victims of alcohol-related domestic violence. This costs the nation an estimated $36 billion annually.

FARE is the only independent, not-for-profit organisation focussed on stopping harm caused by alcohol in Australia.

We are committed to promoting evidence-based policy measures to stop alcohol-related harm. We do not shy away from the challenge of advocating for policies and programs that work, empowering and protecting the public, and holding the alcohol industry to account.

FARE is committed to stopping alcohol harm in our community through supporting and developing public health and education programs; establishing community grass roots campaigns; and lobbying for preventive health and alcohol control policy to remain on the political agenda.

FARE is also committed to supporting world-leading research through its investment in the Centre for Alcohol Policy and Research (CAPR) at La Trobe University; informing and empowering the community through Drink Tank and other information channels; and tracking Australia’s relationship with alcohol through our Annual Alcohol Poll.

FARE will continue to promote and campaign for evidence-based alcohol policies that protect children, young people and at-risk communities, and support a preventive health agenda.

We believe that protecting the public interest is paramount in alcohol control, and are dedicated to ensuring the alcohol industry is not involved in alcohol policy development in Australia.

Your donations are invaluable in helping us to achieve our mission to stop alcohol harm and achieve a happier, healthier community for all Australians.

Our many campaigners across Australia support FARE in advocating for evidence-based policies that work. Click here to get involved in our current campaigns.

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