Stay healthy

Stay healthy

Are you after alcohol-free inspiration? Here are some simple tips for healthy habits that will keep you well.

Healthy habits

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables from all colours of the rainbow. Learn to cook a new healthy recipe.

Exercise your body. Any type of regular exercise will improve your physical and mental health. Do something you enjoy.

Exercise your mind. Read, listen to podcasts, learn a new hobby - the possibilities are endless.

Limit alcohol use. Have no more than 4 drinks in a day and no more than 10 in a week to minimise short and long-term harms and to care for your immune system.

Be kind to yourself and others

Find a routine of self-care that works for you. It could include exercise, mindfulness, talking with friends. Routine provides stability during uncertain times.

If you can, reach-out to someone who needs help.

Reconnect with social activities slowly if you need to. It’s OK to not be OK about moving to a new normal.

If it’s all getting too much, visit our support page to get in touch with people who can help.

Stop the spread

It’s important to maintain good hand and cough hygiene until the threat of coronavirus is over.

Know and practice the current physical distancing rules.

If you have any symptoms of coronavirus or are unwell, get tested and stay at home

We are still in this together!

More inspiration on looking after your health and wellbeing

Six little things you can do for your wellbeing every day

Taking some time each day to focus on your own wellbeing can have a huge positive impact on your mental health. They might seem like little things, but they really do add up. Here are some suggestions to incorporate into your daily routine. Go for a morning walk.

Coping during coronavirus (COVID-19)

It's been a stressful time all around the world as we deal with coronavirus and the uncertainty it brings. Here are some resources to help you cope.

'I'm worried about being with lots of people again' - ABC Life

While some people can't wait to get back into pubs, cafes and have a social life again, there are those of us who feel far less sure of ourselves re-entering that world. "Before this crisis, I knew I felt anxious in groups [and] I was aware that this came mostly from within," says Alice*.

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