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Latest Annual Report

The impacts of alcohol in our daily lives are felt across Australia. Alcohol causes cancer, exacerbates family violence and is the leading cause of non-genetic developmental disorders.

That is why we continue taking action to reduce alcohol-caused harms at FARE. We work to raise public awareness, build the case for alcohol policy reform, support research, and counter false claims by alcohol companies.

For FARE, July 2019 to June 2020 was a period of both major achievements and transition as we worked towards our vision of stopping harm caused by alcohol.

This Annual Report details a range of activities that has helped FARE achieve significant impact over the course of 2019-20.
It also marks a period of change for the organisation. We want to take this moment to recognise our former CEO Michael Thorn who moved on from the organisation at the end of 2019 after almost 10 years of service. Under Michael’s leadership, FARE shifted from a grant-making organisation to one focused on policy and advocacy, and achieved legislative change in New South Wales, the Northern Territory, and Queensland, which has reduced alcohol harm in the community.

In 2021, FARE celebrates its 20-year anniversary. We look forward to building on our work this year to write a new chapter in our history – one that strives towards an Australia free from alcohol harm.

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