Where do the major parties stand on alcohol policy measures?

Ahead of the 2019 Federal election, where do the political parties stand on key alcohol measures aimed at protecting Australians from alcohol harm and creating safer and healthier communities?

On 29 April, FARE wrote to the Liberal Party, the National Party, the Labor Party, the Greens and the Central Alliance and asked them to confirm their position on the following two questions.

Will your party fund a $100 million four-year national awareness campaign to inform Australians of alcohol’s health harms?

Will your party commission an independent inquiry into alcohol advertising across all platforms?

As of 16 May 2019, FARE has received the following responses.

We would provide $100 million over four years for a strong and consistent public awareness campaign to communicate the risks of long-term health effects of alcohol.

We already know that we need further alcohol advertising restrictions however the Australian Greens would support an independent inquiry into alcohol advertising across all platforms if this was done with a view to developing specific, detailed reforms.

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Centre Alliance supports a national campaign to raise awareness of the social and health harms caused by alcohol.

While not explicitly supporting an independent enquiry into alcohol advertising, “the Centre Alliance is particularly concerned about the irreversible and avoidable damage caused by drinking during pregnancy and will pursue an inquiry and concrete measures to tackle FASD. Such an inquiry would consider how alcohol is promoted to women”

While yet to formally respond to FARE, Labor have already made public commitments on alcohol that include:

  • Investing $10 million over four years in targeted campaigns to reduce harmful drinking, such as the successful Pregnant Pause and Women Want to Know campaigns, as well as campaigns targeted at other at-risk groups. 
  • Strengthening work to limit alcohol advertising to children and working with state, territory and local government to reduce children’s exposure in other settings.

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Response received but questions not directly addressed.

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