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Examining trends in alcohol consumption during pregnancy in Australia 2001-2016


The 2009 National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol recommends for women who are pregnant, for those who are planning a pregnancy and for those who are breastfeeding, not drinking alcohol is the safest option.


Preventing chronic disease: How does Australia score?


The Prevention 1st Scorecard assesses our progress on preventive health policies in Australia. It seeks to highlight the successes of Australian governments and the areas where more work is needed to address risk factors.


Risky drinking among undergraduate university students: A social norms-based approach


This report provides an overview of the findings of a baseline survey undertaken as part of the project Risky drinking among undergraduate university students: a social norms-based approach.


Understanding of consumer information messaging on alcohol products


Theis research investigates consumer understanding and interpretation of the two most commonly used consumer information message labels for alcohol and pregnancy, and to explore whether there might be potential to enhance their effectiveness.


Annual alcohol poll 2018: Attitudes and behaviours


Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education – The nation’s most comprehensive annual alcohol poll sheds light on what we drink and think.

Australia, an intoxicated society: 40 Years on from the Baume Report


Forty years ago, a progressive and prescient Senate Committee report identified alcohol and its harms as a problem of epidemic proportions. In 1977 the Senate Standing Committee on Social Welfare released its report, Drug Problems in Australia – an intoxicated society?


Exemptions to the freeze on new late night liquor licences in inner city Melbourne: early impact and experience in the four affected municipalities


This study investigated the impact of the exemptions to the liquor licence applications ‘freeze’ – introduced in 2015 by the Victorian Government – to a policy (implemented in 2008) that had banned the approval of new liquor licence applications for licensees seeking to trade past 1am in four inner city municipalities.


Alcohol consumption and liver, pancreatic, head and neck cancers in Australia: Time- series analyses


This report examines the magnitude and distributions of the preventive effects from the reduction of population drinking on three types of cancer mortality across different gender and age groups in Australia between 1968 and 2011, controlling for the effects of smoking and health expenditure. The report extends our understanding of the role that alcohol plays with respect to liver, pancreatic, head and neck cancers in Australia at an aggregate level.


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