Alcohol Community Action Project (ACAP)

Thank you for your interest in the Alcohol Community Action Project (ACAP). ACAP was a 12 month pilot project which has now concluded.

While the pilot project has concluded, the website will remain available for all interested parties.

During its trial, ACAP successfully supported concerned community members across NSW community to engage with liquor licensing and planning processes.

The initiative proved an important first step in demonstrating the need for support for communities and providing a model for service implementation.

The pilot project consisted of two key resources; the website and a community adviser. It aimed to ensure that the control of liquor outlets reflect the expectations and aspirations local communities and not be solely driven by the wishes of liquor industry.

ACAP helped explain the complexities of problematic liquor-related Development Applications (DA’s), liquor licensing and related approvals, and complaints about liquor outlets. ACAP helps people within communities to mobilise and achieve:

  •  A community free from alcohol-related harms so everyone can safely enjoy public spaces day and night.
  • An informed and equal say on all liquor-related decisions that impact upon their community.
  •  A community that is not unfairly burdened with the high costs and dislocations of alcohol-related harms arising from the supply, promotion and availability of alcohol.


ACAP was made possible by a grant from the Australian Rechabite Foundation, and the project was administered by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education.

Visit the ACAP website