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Sports plan must promote active and healthy living on and off the field

17 August 2017

Health experts have welcomed Commonwealth Government plans to include preventive health as a central pillar of a new the national sports plan but have cautioned against developing only half a solution.

Exposed: alcohol industry throws big tobacco inspired smoke screen at NT review

15 August 2017

A new submission to the Northern Territory Alcohol Review has exposed the lengths the alcohol industry is prepared to go to undermine and attack scientific evidence in a blatant and deliberate attempt to mislead the inquiry.

NT Govt asked to lift cheap grog prices

Health experts want at least $1.50 charged for each drink of alcohol in the NT.

A royal tipple: The Queen’s drinking habits revealed

2 August 2017

Ross and John were quite taken with this morning’s news from UK’s Independent about the Queen’s drinking habits.

Minimum unit alcohol price to deliver NT dramatic reduction in alcohol harm

1 August 2017

The Northern Territory (NT) Government should introduce a floor price on alcohol; a profound intervention that would reduce harm and save lives.

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