FARE’s ICT social enterprise works like any other business, except our first priority is to fund projects and campaigns to benefit the community from money generated.

A social enterprise is a business venture that trades to achieve a social outcome and generate enough income to cover its running costs.  While these businesses operate like any other, aspiring to the highest commercial and service standards, difference in that serving the community is their priority.

Our aim is to provide IT support and consultancy services to small businesses and other not-for-profit organisations, to enhance their ICT environments by developing ICT strategies and solutions that provide efficient and effective ICT systems, process, support and maintenance services.

FARE makes clients’ lives easier by delivering technology solutions and services that drive business growth and competitive differentiation. We have extensive experience in strategic, whole-of-business ICT solutions and infrastructure.

We understand you need to direct funds to where they are most needed. This means relying on specialists who can make your dollar go further, giving you access to a breadth and depth of skills and services at a fraction of the cost of having these resources in-house. This frees you up to focus on what is most important to your organization.

FARE operates one social enterprise that aims to be financially sustainable while providing economic and social benefits to local and remote communities.

We pride ourselves on offering quality IT solutions at a competitive price.  In providing IT services to local and remote locations, we employ innovative methods to support your IT needs and work closely with our clients on an ongoing basis. Expert advice from our experienced staff greatly contributes to reducing time spent out in the field and the overall cost of IT services.


Services and Solutions

ICT strategy and consulting

Need some help with developing and implementing an ICT strategy that aligns with your goals and visions. We will work with your organisation to develop an ICT strategy that will help you achieve your goal.

ICT review

Is your organisation’s ICT at its best and aligned with your current and future demands we can help.

ICT services/helpdesk support

Do you want someone to manage and assume full responsibility for providing ICT services for your business? Outsource your day-to-day management and functions of your ITC to virtual IT services as a long term strategy to improve operations and cutting running costs.

  • Assist with support of online databases.
  • Core infrastructure support and ongoing user helpdesk support by phone or email.
  • Application support (Microsoft office applications i.e. Word, Excel etc.)
  • Virus Removal.
  • Network connection resolution.
  • Backups setup and tested as required.
  • Error log monitoring and resolution.
  • Upgrading PC’s & MAC’s – hardware supply of new PC’s, upgrade of existing PC’s as required.
  • Printer setup and installation/email setup.
  • Network Drive creation and mapping.
  • Router Configuration/installation.
  • Domain Name Management – maintain domain name renewals, including registration of new domains as required.
  • Phone account management – monitor usage and investigate new usage plans on regular basis.
  • Regular network reviews and recommendations to improve performance and usability.
  • Service, support & consulting advice.
  • Remote file management and cleaning.
  • Systems security, firewall, remote access; anti-virus-spam solutions.
  • Internet connection management and troubleshooting.
  • Other services offered upon request

Professional services

Our professional services help organisations plan for, design, implement, operate, and manage the correct technologies to improve the way they operate thus gaining a competitive edge.

ICT procedures and policies

We will work with your organisation to develop policies and procedures to minimise ICT running costs, save time and minimise ICT overheads.

Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure allows communications not just between workstations and servers but also site-to-site communication but also internet and email access. It includes devices such as routers, switches, wireless devices and network security appliances.

Server infrastructure

Server infrastructure is a collection of physical and virtual resources that support the overall ICT environment. This includes domain controllers and exchange servers.


IT security is the protection of information that your organisation holds, virtual IT services can help identify potential risks and threats that are associated with your organisation.

Hardware and software selection, purchasing and installation

With countless hardware and software products constantly coming onto the market, knowing what brand or product to buy can often prove difficult and time consuming.

Application and data solutions

Would you like some advice or additional support on your applications or data requirements? Are you looking for help with third party application integration?

Disaster recovery, backups and business continuity

Backup and data recovery measures are mission critical to keep your data safe from unwanted access and protect your organisation from the effects of disaster, which will in most cases have a financial impact on your organisation.