FARE holds functions and events in various locations around Australia to highlight our research findings, present our policy proposals, engage with communities and like-minded stakeholders, and to facilitate discussions and debate about alcohol. We often post real-time updates on Twitter, and publish multimedia and written outputs to our website post-event.

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Corporate managed democracy: Lessons for public health

How does Corporate Australia wield and abuse its power?Has Australia become a corporate managed democracy and what then are the lessons for public health? Author Quentin Beresford has written widely on the abuse of corporate power. The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd is a forensic analysis of a company that was once the biggest employer in Tasmania and a billion-dollar behemoth.

End Alcohol Advertising in Sport national launch

Join us for the End Alcohol Advertising in Sport national campaign launch, meet the sporting legends who have joined our ranks, and help us better protect Aussie kids by removing alcohol brands from Australia’s favourite sports. “We have no greater responsibility than the raising of our children and giving them the right values and the right habits with regard to their health.”