The AFL, Cricket, and NRL are watched by millions of Aussie kids – and it’s becoming impossible to know where the game ends and the alcohol marketing begins.

That’s a problem because exposure to alcohol advertising is associated with young people drinking more and from an earlier age.


Alcohol brands are in constant view of the public both on the ground and on TV – through the naming rights of events, sporting fields and teams, branding on fences, the pitch and on uniforms and promotional merchandise.

Research has shown that the AFL, Cricket Australia, and the NRL are watched by millions of kids under 17. And that makes alcohol marketing is highly visible to young people.

Alcohol harm is one of our nation’s greatest preventive health challenges, yet young people are being targeted and recruited by alcohol industry advertising like the tobacco industry preyed on children in the past.

Alcohol sponsorship needs to be phased out to protect young Australians from the harm caused by alcohol and we need your help.

Rugby league great Steve Ella has worked on the frontline in the alcohol and other drugs sector for more than 19 years and has witnessed first-hand the harm alcohol causes in our communities.

Steve is currently fronting our #BoozeFreeSport campaign. This campaign was sparked by a State of Origin Blues promotion in May offering free beer.

The giveaway was slammed by Steve, who was dismayed that the Blues would be complicit in the promotion of a product responsible for so much harm and concerned about the impact the promotion would have on impressionable young people and sports fans of all ages.

With your help, we can not only continue to push the #BoozeFreeSport campaign, but we can continue educating young Australians on the advertising tactics of the alcohol industry through media literacy programs, such as Game Changer+.

We can continue to encourage the AFL, Cricket Australia and the NRL to give up alcohol sponsorship and to inspire and ignite change across all sporting codes.

Change is possible, but we need your help to get there.