In 2015, Mission Australia and FARE launched a new group therapy program and accompanying resources for working with young people with substance misuse issues and other complex needs.

Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm is a residential drug and alcohol treatment program in the New South Wales Southern Highlands, which has been providing a modified Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) group program for over seven years. Together with FARE, Triple Care Farm has developed a series of resources documenting the strategies and group work protocols found to be the most effective over that time.


Core DBT modules included:

  • Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a skill to help us slow things down and be in the here and now. Mindfulness can also help us to balance facts and emotions to come up with the solution that best meets our needs and substance use goals.
  • Distress tolerance: Distress tolerance skills are healthy ways to survive the moment of distress, or crisis, without making it worse. These skills will not solve the problem and should only be used in the short term to help get us through, and back into wise mind.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness, and self-management skills: Interpersonal effectiveness skills are strategies to build and maintain healthy relationships and to communicate our needs effectively, whilst balancing the needs of others.
  • Emotion regulation: Emotion Regulation skills are strategies to reduce vulnerability to emotion mind. They are about learning to identify and manage emotions, and looking at how emotions arise.

Analyses of Group Session Rating Scale results, in combination with the data obtained through the focus group and facilitator feedback logs, demonstrate that overall, the new DBT group program was well received by participants.


View participants workbook Regulator: A Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills workbook

View clinicians manual: A modified DBT group therapy manual

Visit the website: DBT Regulator

View the report: Evaluation of the initial implementation of a youth specific, AOD focused, modified DBT group therapy program

Project date: 1 January 2014 – 17 December 2015

Organisation: Mission Australia