In 2005, the Byron Youth Service received a grant from the Foundation to provide resources and supportive materials for local community-based action on reducing alcohol-related harms among young people in New South Wales. The Cringe the binge community action packs aim to bring together some of the latest research, information and resources in an easy-to-read format for use by community and youth sector organisations and voluntary groups such as Community Drug Action Teams.

Cringe the Binge is a grass roots initiative that aims to reverse youth binge drinking by supporting individual and community action.

The National Campaign draws awareness to the serious and increasingly dangerous issue of youth binge drinking in Australia via a National Weekend of Action in November each year. On this weekend, Australians are asked to pause and reflect on their drinking habits and donate what they would normally spend on alcohol to the Cringe the Binge campaign via our website. Monies raised will be used to fund youth and community workers to create local action.


The community action packs were launched in Byron Bay in April 2014, ahead of the 2014 National Youth Week celebrations.

It includes a Binge on Life Activity Kit outlining how to organise a range of alcohol free activities that appeal to young people. There is also a set of easy to read information sheets on the many facets of the problem including such topics such as Alcohol and Youth Mental Health, Alcohol and Advertising, andSecondary Supply Laws.

The pack also includes a range of information including how to organise and run a local Action on Alcohol group, how to complain about alcohol advertising and object to liquor licences, and even guides for young people and parents on how to run a safe party.

The Community Action Pack also offers secondary school teachers a resource that includes activities and discussions to educate young people about alcohol related harms.


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Project date: 17 September 2013 – 10 April 2014

Organisation: Byron Youth Service Inc