The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Committee (BTGDA) was created out of a concern that drug and alcohol use on building sites was leading to accidents. In 2002, the BTGDA received funding from the Foundation to continue and extend their Apprentice Training Program, which conducts drug and alcohol awareness training for apprentices within the construction industry, focusing on the message ‘Just not at work, mate’.

Over a two year period the BTGDA delivered more than 600 two hour Alcohol and other Drug Safety in the Workplace presentations at TAFEs in Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong, to more than seven thousand apprentices. The program was also presented at more than two hundred construction sites to an audience of almost thirty thousand workers.


Attitudinally the project has had significant impact. An evaluation of the program demonstrated that the majority of participants felt they had gained an increased understanding of Workplace Drug and Alcohol Safety Policy. Most also indicated that they felt confident in recognising safety problems related to drugs and alcohol and that they would inform a Safety Committee member if they thought a worker was unsafe due to alcohol and drug misuse. Additionally an overwhelming number indicated that they could see the benefits in undertaking workplace safety training.


Short film: Just not at work, mate

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Project date: 1 July 2002 – 1 July 2006

Organisation: Building Trades Group Drug & Alcohol Committee