End alcohol advertising in sport

Dear Supporter,

Alcohol companies are using sports to market their products to children, and kids have no say in it.

Sport is our nation’s passion.

Sport unites Australian families and friends as we watch our favourite teams play.

But while our players and their fans compete for glory, there is a sinister game being played out by the alcohol industry.

They use an unfair exemption to advertise their brands during children’s viewing times.

At all other times, alcohol advertising is banned until children are in bed.


Because we know the more alcohol advertising a child is exposed to, the earlier they will drink and the riskier they will drink.

It’s wrong. It’s dangerous. It has to stop!

Rod’s story

Rod Butterss knows all too well just how dangerous a mix alcohol and sport can be.

He was a keen AFL football player as a kid and went on to become the St Kilda Football Club’s President.

Rod is also a recovering alcoholic.

“Kids are massively impressionable, particularly around their sporting heroes and their favourite sport. These kids are being given this association that alcohol is good for you, and they are not ready to make these choices.”

Rod well understands why alcohol companies are so keen to advertise when children are watching.

They are out to groom their drinkers of tomorrow.

“Advertisers are smart. They spend their dollars where they get the most traction. And if they’re spending it when they know the audience is made up of young people, then you can’t tell me that’s not their target. That’s their target.”

We can end alcohol advertising in sport

Thanks to the support of people like you, we’ve started a movement to rid all sports of alcohol advertising.

It’s called End Alcohol Advertising in Sport.

Rod Butterss has enthusiastically signed on to be one of the Champions of the movement, joined by a number of sporting legends.

“It’s time to tell major sporting codes that it’s not right to tell our children to associate sport with alcohol. It’s simply not okay.”

This fight will be hard. We’re up against an alcohol industry who will use every dirty trick in the book.

With your help we will win, and remove harmful ads from sports just like we did with tobacco.

But we must act now.

Thank you for your support,

Michael Thorn
FARE Chief Executive

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